Close Up with Adam B – Highlife Nye Festival

Close Up With Adam B – Highlife NYE Festival

Where better to spend your New Year’s Eve than at a once-in-a-lifetime party set on a fabulous vineyard?

Highlife Entertainment is known in New Zealand, Australia and around the world for producing one of the best New Year’s Eve experiences possible. Looking for a fantastic crowd, world-class performances, stunning wines and beautiful surroundings? You’ve found it. If, however, you’re already planning to attend this impressive luxury soiree taking place at the premium Stonyridge Vineyard (or just planning ahead for next year), you’ll want to know what to expect and how to make the most of your time. Take a look at our overview and tips below. We’ve caught up with Highlife Entertainment owner and founder Adam Bennett to get the all the details. Prepare for the best New Year’s Eve holiday of your life, with this event filled with dancing, drinks, good times and surprises.


Highlife Entertainment specializes in luxury experiences. Put simply, Adam B. describes the brand as “hard-working, honest promoters that produce unique and premium events.” They consistently bring together beautiful people, top-notch performers and luxury activities in spectacular settings. Throughout the New Zealand summer, you’ll find tons of celebrations on their calendar, from the New Year’s Eve pre-event, to weekly Summer Sundays, to a Sounds of Summer party in February. For a look at what you’re in for, you can easily check out their online gallery, which is filled with lovely ladies, fun spots and dramatic year-round backdrops. However, the annual New Year’s Eve festival is easily their most exciting event, and the one you won’t want to miss, whether you’re a New Zealand local, or just visiting from anywhere around the world.

Adam B. tells NYE Festival attendees to expect “an array of world-class DJs, dancers, performers and production at an internationally renowned venue.” He definitely couldn’t be more right! Held on Auckland’s Waiheke Island, the festival has been carefully created following feedback from last year’s event, to make it the best NYE Festival yet. Live acts have been curated and sourced from all over the globe, putting together a stellar lineup. Wherever you happen to be within the huge festival, which practically takes over Stonyridge Vineyard, you can always find exactly what you’re wanting at that particular moment — whether it’s great music, a new friend, a handy bar or just a brand new experience waiting to happen.


Of course, we know some of you may just be attending for the fantastic food and drinks served up at this first-class winery. If that’s the case, Adam B. says you can’t miss Stonyridge’s world-famous Larose, which will be on sale in the VIP areas. The gourmet menus and drinks are great throughout, but the VIP areas really shine. There, guests are treated to a welcome drink, and can easily purchase top-shelf beverages and items not available in the rest of the festival.

It’s highly possible that, while attending the festival, food and wine aficionados will love the setting so much that they decide they definitely need to come back to Stonyridge Vineyard for a New Zealand wine tour. The Cabernet-blend winegrower produces some of the finest Cabernet blends available, all incorporating the French traditional methods. Around since the 1980s, Stonyridge has accomplished quite a lot throughout its existence, including quite a few New Zealand wine “firsts.” The sophisticated venue has just the right amount of character to create the perfect atmosphere for this unique event.


Because the Highlife NYE Festival is such a classy, fun affair, there are some rules and definitely some tips you should follow. Adam B. advises first-time attendees to “pace your drinking, bring a good attitude, dress to impress and get ready for one hell of a night!” There is an age limit (22), and IDs will be checked at the door, so if you don’t fit the bill, don’t even try to show up. You’ll definitely be turned away. A coat check is available, but it’s advised that you pack light, so you have one less thing to worry about while you have a great time. If you do bring in a bag, don’t try to sneak in your own food or alcohol (though snack-sized foods, like candy bars and fruit, are okay). What you should for sure bring, though, is a rain cover (there’s a lot of outdoor activities at the festival, and the show will go on, rain or shine), warm clothing and cash. Lastly, but certainly not least, there is a summer chic dress code. That means collared or fashionable shirts for the guys and dressy casual for the girls.

While the NYE Festival starts up at 2pm, the fun kicks off well in advance, at the New Year’s Eve pre-event, held at the Waiheke Island Resort. According to Adam B., the resort also has just been fully renovated, so guests can expect an enhanced pre-party experience across new spaces. This annual event boasts great music as well, alongside awesome views. There are plenty of spots to break in your dance moves before the actual festival, and also go for dip in the pool, or just sun in your bikini.


Keep up with this year’s NYE Festival and pre-event, start planning for next year’s party or just check out the gorgeous vineyard where all the magic happens, at the specially appointed festival website.
Enjoi guys!