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What Makes Waiheke Island the Ideal Destination for a Wine Tour

Waiheke Island is often described as a wine enthusiast’s dream and is a popular destination for wine tours in New Zealand.  These tours attract thousands of tourists and local wine enthusiasts every year, with certain Waiheke wine tours being a bucket list item for many. But what is it that makes wine tasting on Waiheke Island such a sought-after activity? Let’s have a look!

Easily Accessible 

Waiheke Island is not far from Auckland and is very easily accessible. There are safe and reliable ferries that leave every 30 minutes or so to the island, so getting there is no issue at all. There are also air travel options available for those who really want to arrive on the island in style.

Incredible Scenery

Waiheke is a truly beautiful island that makes for a relaxing and picturesque wine-tasting tour. With rolling hills, pristine beaches, and a diverse range of plant species, you’ll enjoy a plethora of amazing photo opportunities during your wine-tasting tour. The scenery on offer truly elevates your tour and makes it that much more enjoyable and memorable.

Filled with Wineries

There are approximately 30 boutique wineries scattered all over the island. Some of these wineries produce wine that is renowned around the world for its high quality and delicious flavour. When visiting Waiheke Island for a wine tour, you’ll know that you are going to be treated to top-quality wine paired with tasty local snacks and delicacies.

Combination Tours Available

In addition to tours that focus solely on wine, there are also many combination tours available for those looking to explore the island in its entirety and make the most of their time on Waiheke. Some of the combination tours that are available on the island include:

There is really something to suit every occasion, even if your group has differing interests.

Interested in spending the day wine tasting on Waiheke Island? Feel free to browse the many different wine-tasting tours and combination tours offered by Enjoi. If you have any questions about our wine tours, we welcome you to get in touch with us.