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What Types of Fish Can be Found Around Waiheke Island?

Are you planning on joining a Waiheke fishing charter in the near future? Here at Enjoi NZ, we offer wine & fishing tours, which are certainly one of our most popular excursions.

In addition to the relaxing experience of being on the water and enjoying nature, one of the most exciting things about the tour is the fish you will get to see and catch! Whether you decide to take your catch home with you to eat for dinner or allow the fish to live another day, you’ll be pleased to know that the waters surrounding Waiheke Island are absolutely teeming with fish and other ocean life.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most commonly caught fish in the area so that you can know what to expect when you embark on your fishing experience.


Snappers are often best caught when using the stray line fishing technique, as well as ‘walking the dog’, where you very slowly bring the snapper towards the boat without the snapper even knowing that it’s hooked until the last second.


Kingfish are migratory fish, but they tend to make their first yearly appearance near Waiheke Island in spring and stay throughout the summer months. Kingfish are rather large and extremely intelligent, so they can prove to put up a real fight when reeling them in. This makes the experience all the more rewarding.

John Dory

Known for their unusual looks and often referred to as ‘ugly’, John Dories are plentiful in the waters surrounding the island. Despite their strange looks, the John Dory fish is very tasty, especially when pan fried. This is a fish that you’ll definitely want to take home if you are lucky enough to catch a large one.


Trevally can grow to truly enormous sizes, so it may be a bit of a struggle to reel in if you hook one. It is definitely worth the effort, though, as these fish make for incredible photographs, and their firm and oily meat is very tasty when slapped onto the barbeque for a couple of minutes.

Interested in booking a Waiheke fishing charter and wine tour? Here at Enjoi NZ, we’d love to welcome you to an unforgettable experience on this amazing island. Please feel free to browse our website to find out more about the tours and options we have on offer!